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proaxia consulting provides open platform consulting services including development service on cutting edge technology and environment, and system design and development using .NET, JAVA, and other languages. Working with our SAP consultants, we also approach systems that have functions to support core system and support our customers at higher dimentions.

Global roll-out and project management By Pro axia consultants

For companies with offices around the world, global deployment of SAP Business One that spans multiple continents are those with complex risk. We know how to understand the risk, to reduce. It is one solution is specialized in the global deployment of SAP Business One, and, you have to face every day to reduce risk at the time of deployment.


Complexity, the multi-cultural global expansion projects and the multiple requirements exist, the introduction compared to the introduction to one of the companies and offices, another dimension of the demand for support exists. Global roll-out methodology based on the understanding of different cultures, the introduction, by training and various types of documentation, we are a successful implementation project of a number of large customers. In addition, if one of the bases greet the production our global support team will provide you with the best quality of service to customers SAP Business One solution.


In addition, our employees and partners network to expand to the world, as local resources substantially available, will cover business, accounting, legal requirements in the countries in which to expand.

Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: AeroOne®


Aero One® is a SAP certified MRO (integrated Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) solution for small and medium sized companies in the Aerospace & Defence (A&D) industry. It is designed to extend the functionalities of SAP® Business One; to combine a powerful ERP with specific functionalities to the MRO activity.


There are 3 main modules fully integrated into SAP® Business One:


  • Fleet management and Maintenance Plans
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Maintenance Management and Execution


Aero One® has been operated for more than 8 years and is currently used in 14 countries. It is available in English, Spanish and French.


It has been developed by 2 MoRO Solutions, an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aerospace market (operational and R&D needs).

Pro Axial Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: Group Companies

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